eSports betting with 22bet

The eSports betting has become more and more popular. This industry is developing very rapidly. Start now betting on your favorite eSports by using the website of 22bet online sports betting!

When it comes to eSports, there are also bet on them. So you can bet on your favorite team or on your favorite game. However, how to get the best results on eSports betting? Read to know more.

What are eSports?


The eSports represent the electronic games where the players or the teams are competing against each other in multiple video games. These competitions are usually organised and sponsorized. They are more and more popular during the last years and they’ve become a great industry. There are more and more professional players, more tournaments etc. There are also promo codes available for you when you want to bet on eSports.

What do e-sports imply?

Esports are competitive games. The players and the teams play against eachother to determine the winner or the winning team. For that, it is needed:

In what concerns the variety of eSports, there are many. For example, there are games of the following types:

Moreover, the eSports also imply professional players. They can win prizes and salaries, which are not low. Moreover, they can be sponsorized by online organisations.

Where can I bet on eSports?

Esports betting is an important choice for each bettor. However, you have to carefully choose your sportsbook. Even if there are many online sportsbooks, we’d recommend you to choose 22bet for multiple reasons:

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With 22bet, you can register on their site or on their app really fast, in a few clicks. Simply make your first deposit by using its payment system and bet fast on your favorite eSports!


In conclusion, the bets on eSports can easily become a hobby. The FIFA, Dota 2, Mortal Kombat players can easily bet on their favorite eSports by using 22bet online. Start now!

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