Cashout - sports betting

The cashout function may sometimes be a good choice. However, let’s see together what it is, how and when to use it.


  1. Cashout when it comes to sports betting
  2. What is the cashout function?
  3. How to use the cashout function?
  4. Conclusion
  5. FAQ

Cashout when it comes to sports betting

Sports betting is using the cashout function more and more. So it’s normal that the sports betting companies get updated about this exigence, imposed by bettors. That’s why in Africa there are more and more sportsbooks that offer the cash out functionality. So create your account now!

As we can see, there are a lot of sportsbooks that can be accessed in Africa, such as 22bet online. However, not all the platforms offer cashout markets. That’s why choosing your sportsbook may seem difficult.


What is the cashout function?

So let’s discuss the cashout feature in terms of sports betting. This function allows you to stop a bet before it finishes and you receive a percentage of the maximum total gain. The offered amount is constantly updated, this depending on the chances of winning the bet at that time.

Then when it comes to sports betting bookmakers that offer the cash out option, it can be offered at simple bets, but also at multiple bets. You can use it during the match or before the match. However, there may be exceptions.

How to use the cashout function?

You must use the best sportsbooks to have fun at maximum with the cashout function. Even if the majority of online bookmakers offer this option, it is important to see which offers the best gains when you want to close your bet slip.

That’s why it’s so important to verify this function at each sportsbook. Moreover, it is possible that the bookmaker doesn’t offer this function.

However, there may be the case that the cashout function is not available. It can disappear any time. So even with simple or complex bets, you might not be able to close your bet slip.


In conclusion, the cash-out function may help bettors gain more. However, you have to calculate your possible winnings and, what’s more important, you must use this function at a sportsbook that has a good reputation.


Does 22bet offer the cash-out function?

Yes, 22bet offers the cash out function. You may begin now!

Does this bookmaker have a good reputation?

Yes, 22bet has a really good reputation. You might now begin with this great online sportsbook.

How to bet online?

To bet online, create your 22bet account and deposit money. Then choose your favorite sport and start!

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