Future betting - top 3 strategies for you

Future betting is an extremely popular and great opportunity for bettors. The outcome of a match is predicted with this type of betting. However, the interesting part is that this type of betting consists of betting on events that happen in the future. This may mean weeks, months or even years in the future! This type of betting includes betting on the winners of a certain championship or other important events. In this guide, we’re going to reveal some important tips on how to bet on the outcome of a future event.


  1. Future betting insights
  2. 3 strategies for future bets – how to predict correctly?
  3. Consider taking advantage of bonuses
  4. Conclusion

Future betting insights

Let’s first discuss about what future betting means. Future bets try to anticipate the results that will come in the future. This could mean almost anything: from predicting the winner of the World Cup from the best player at Dota2. Because they take place in the future, and usually in a long-distance future, the future bets have higher odds. This means that there are going to be some great payments coming to you if your prediction is the correct one! 

3 strategies for future bets – how to predict correctly?

  1. Research – do your research well enough to know the team or the player pretty well. Be as informed as possible. The more information you have, the better. And the chances of winning increase. Search for anything about the team, their evolution, the coaching changes, performance within the past years etc.
  2. Diversify your bets – instead of placing a single huge bet, consider diversification. This means that you can and should place bets across different teams or players. What is more, this type of strategy helps you reduce the risks of losing and can minimise the potential losses.
  3. Balanced timing – the odds can change a lot over time, based on the factors we mentioned earlier. While placing a bet in the distant future offers you better odds, waiting closer to the event can help you have more accurate information. 

Consider taking advantage of bonuses

When you place bets in the distant future, bonuses can help you a lot. Sign up at 22bet to get a welcome bonus for your future bets or even use a promo code to get an immersive experience of your betting adventure. The future bets are a really interesting subject, however, they can be even more exciting if you sign up at a cool bookmaker and get the welcome bonus. This way, you get to bet even more. Even if you have to wait for the results a little longer, they are worthwhile.


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Overall, futures betting are an interesting way to start with sports betting. By choosing to apply the 3 strategies above presented, you can significantly increase your chances of making correct predictions. The rewards are significant, while the waiting time can depend, based on the event. So get started right now with future bets by choosing the right sportsbook:

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