Sport-Related Concussion: Update on Clinical Management and Emerging Translational Research


  • Michael Hutchison
  • Jeff Kutcher
  • Alex Di Battista
  • Ross Zafonte


  • Participants will be able to understand the multifactorial nature of the clinical presentation of sport-related concussion.
  • Participants will be able to describe potential useful treatment strategies in facilitating recovery.
  • Participants will be aware of emerging research that may have the ability to improve assessment, prognosis, and long-term outcomes from sport-related concussion.


Sport-related concussion remains one of the most difficult injuries for health professionals to identify, diagnose, and manage. Research in this area has seen exponential growth in recent years in the area of assessment, treatment, and long-term outcomes. This Pre-Congress Workshop will involve international speakers with the aim to review and discuss recent advancements in clinical assessment and management, as well as highlight emerging research with the potential to improve identification, inform prognosis, and long-term outcomes.

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