Social Cognition, Communication and Affect (SOCCA) Special Interest Group Symposium


  • Leanne Togher
  • Lyn Turkstra
  • Barbra Zupan
  • Nicholas Behn
  • Emma Power
  • Louise Keegan


  • Describe the use of telehealth in the provision of cognitive communication rehabilitation for people with TBI.
  • Examine gender differences in social cognition measures of people with TBI
  • Describe the experience and nature of communication partner training programs for people with cognitive communication disorders
  • Describe the development of identity using the sociolinguistic tool of humour during a social communication group in the community.


The SOCCA SIG symposium will provide an international forum regarding the latest advances in social cognition from the perspectives of the use of telehealth to support cognitive-communication rehabilitation, the effects of gender on social cognition and communication after traumatic brain injury, the use of communication partner training in the management of social communication difficulties following TBI and a description of how humour can facilitate identity formation during social communication groups for people with TBI.

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