PINK Concussions 7: Brain Injury in Women and Girls – Sex and Gender-Based Differences in Injury, Recovery and Outcomes


  • Katherine Snedaker
  • Carmela Tartaglia
  • Angela Colantonio
  • Inga Koerte
  • Ron Savage
  • John Leddy
  • Jennie Ponsford
  • Juliet Haarbauer-Krupa
  • Katrin Rauen


  • Upon completion, a participant will be able to describe three ways in which brain injuries (including concussion) in women differ from males.
  • Upon completion, a participant will be able to articulate factors that may account for sex and gender differences in TBI incidence, severity, and recovery
  • Upon completion, a participant will understand the urgent need to develop best practices in the care and education of women with brain injury to facilitate recovery and positive long-term outcomes.


The PINK Concussions Symposium will be an afternoon scientific presentations of the sex and gender differences in female brain injury from medical experts along with a panel of women patients. Speakers will include data from sports, Domestic Violence, accidents and military service as well as discuss injury rates and the different mechanisms on injury over a woman’s lifespan. Speakers from Canada, America, UK and Australia will share research from their countries on female athletes and non-athletes.The all-female patient panel will share their lived experience of brain injury, and will consist of a cross-section of injuries from sports, domestic violence, work-related injuries, accidents, and military service. share The goal of blending scientific findings from experts with the patient’s experience/perspective is to help translate research data into actionable-change in the clinical practice of the medical professionals attending the conference.

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